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Semi Truck Accidents

Semi Truck and Commercial Vehicle Accidents

With crowded roads and more highways facing maintenance issues, Semi-truck accidents are bound to happen. Sacramento is at the convergence of four major freeways used by profitable companies to ship their products. Truck drivers passing through the state on I 5, I-80 or U.S. Highway 50 and 99 are often under pressure to get through this part of the state as quickly as possible. The pressures of business often make even trained and licensed operators behave recklessly.

Semi-truck accidents can be traumatic and any injuries sustained can be quite serious. Often times commercial truck drivers act negligently; cutting corners for the benefit of a company. We can make sure they will be held responsible for their actions. If a commercial semi truck, work or delivery vehicle, bus, taxi or ride-share caused your injuries, count on us to mount a strong case for you. We serve clients in the Greater Sacramento Area and Northern California .

Injuries sustained in semi-truck accidents may result in extensive injuries, and the medical bills and lost time from work can cause not only severe emotional but also financial pressures. Let us handle your case, so you can concentrate on getting better. Kip specializes in all types of medium and large commercial vehicle accidents and represents clients injured in accidents involving semi-trucks, big rigs, dump trucks, 18-wheelers, and buses.

We advise you not to give a recorded statement without legal representation

How Much Is My Claim Worth?

The more information we have the better. We wont know until we speak with you – it all depends. Feel free to speak with Kip and get a free evaluation of the merits of your case.

We Don’t Get Paid Unless We Win

In order to prevail in negotiations or court, it’s important to seek representation from an attorney with experience in accident law, specifically commercial trucks and buses. At Solinksy and Associates we focus only on personal injury cases. Kip has the knowledge of the law, courts and insurance industry necessary to secure fair compensation for your injuries.

Kip offers a FREE initial consultation to evaluate your case, advise you of your rights and answer your questions.

Who Is Liable in a Truck Accident?

Like any motor vehicle accident, the person who caused the accident and that person’s insurance company are the ones who are liable. A trucking company could also be responsible for its driver’s carelessness.

Could be held liable:

  • Driver
  • Commercial trucking company
  • Manufacturers of trucking products
  • Distributors of trucking products
  • Lessors
  • Shipper/loader of the cargo

Instead of stressing yourself out in attempting to determine the party that may be liable in your case, you can entrust your case with Kip. Give him a quick call. He is ready to handle your case and resolve its issues in a timely manner.