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Every person injured in an auto accident due to someone else’s negligence has the right to monetary compensation for the harm caused to that person’s health, ability to work and earn wages, and well-being. Whether you have been involved in an automobile rollover or in a crash involving a bicycle, truck, motorcycle, or pedestrian, we have the experience and legal understand to help you. Each type of case has specific laws and issues involving liability, claims, and settlements.

You need the help of an attorney to represent you and protect your legal rights. Sacramento Injury Accident lawyer Kip Solinsky has been helping accident victims since 1985. We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We even make home and hospital visits. We make every effort to get the highest settlement amount for you and your family and when you select us to handle your accident case, we will not charge a fee until we recover money on your behalf. Talk directly with Sacramento Attorney C.W.H “Kip” Solinsky (not an assistant) to learn what actions you should take right now to protect yourself, your case and your rights under the law. This is a FREE consultation directly with practicing attorney C.W.H “Kip” Solinsky

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We advise you not to give a recorded statement without legal representation

Insurance companies are for profit and will do their best to protect that. You have to be diligent to get a fair settlement. The insurance company will frequently demand a recorded statement from the injured individual. Without representation you could be taken advantage of. It is not uncommon for vehicle accident injuries and pain to appear hours after the accident. Call Kip To Protect Your Rights.

Important Information
What to do NOW!
  • Call 911 and ask for the CHP and Police to respond
  • Take pictures of ALL the vehicles involve, skid marks, debris and any other evidence of what happened.
  • Get the names and addresses of all the drivers, passengers and witnesses.
  • Get the license number of all vehicles.
  • Get a medical exam to identify the nature and extent of injuries
  • Consult a Lawyer or Attorney with experience in your community to evaluate and protect of your rights under the law.
Selecting Your Attorney
It is not uncommon for insurance adjusters call you one or two days after an accident. and ask you if it is OK to record a statement from you. If you say yes, and they ask you if you were injured, you may give a recorded statement saying your are not feeling too bad. Then, a couple of days later, you are in excruciating pain when your adrenaline has worn off. The insurance company may later use your statement–’not feeling too bad’–against you to attack your credibility.
Would an insurance adjuster do that? I can tell you from over twenty five years of experience handling accident cases and trials, they can, and will. If you retain an attorney, the insurance company will not be able to contact you. Attorneys usually take accident cases on a contingency, which is an agreement, in writing, to only charge a fee if you are successful in recovering compensation for your injuries. The attorney will pay costs related to the case, such as hiring investigators, obtaining copies of your medical records, and if your case requires litigation, the attorney will pay the court costs, including hiring expert witnesses to help present your case to a jury at trial.

When considering which attorney to hire, consider whether to hire a local attorney. Many attorneys advertise in the Sacramento area but actually have their main office in other parts of the state. You should also consider whether your case will be handled by an attorney from start to finish, or whether your primary contact is going to be a para-legal. Sometimes you need a question answered by the attorney. Will you be able to get through the staff shields to talk to ‘your’ attorney. Will your attorney promptly return calls, and generally stay in touch with you as your recovery progresses.

At Solinsky & Associates, you will always be represented by an attorney. From your first interview about your injury, to a jury trial, you will always be working directly with the attorney. Your telephone calls will also be returned promptly, usually the same day. We will send you periodic reports to ask how you are doing in recovering from your injuries. It is important that we stay up to date on your progress, in case you need some additional medical help, or you need to be referred to a specialist. We encourage our clients to call anytime they have questions. If you need to meet with the attorney, and we are in court, we will leave a message with you on when we expect to call you back to set up the appointment.

The final point about hiring a lawyer to represent you. It is both a professional arrangement and very personal. You need to work with the attorney as a partner throughout the prosecution of your case. You must be comfortable and have confidence in the attorney you hire. It is important to meet the attorney in person. Your case may be resolved in months, or it could take longer if court is involved. While you and the attorney can voluntarily end the representation, it is best to try and establish a good working relationship from the first. That can only be accomplished by a meeting. Please give a call to set it up. We look forward to discussing your case with you, and seeing whether we can help you at this difficult time.

How Soon Must I Act?
You have two years to file a lawsuit for personal injuries from an car accident. If the person injured is a minor, they have two years from their 18th birthday to make a claim. But the longer you wait to take action, the harder it may be to gather the necessary evidence to prove your case. Witnesses may disappear; skid marks wear off; accident scene debris is swept away; the lighting sequence may be altered.

The law doesn’t favor tardiness. Having a professional investigator working for an attorney gather evidence related to your case may be crucial if there is a question of comparative negligence.
Even if you are partially at fault for the accident, you may still recover damages for your injuries under California’s comparative fault law. The amount you recover may be offset to the extent of your fault, but you should not give up just because an insurance adjuster claims his or her insured’s version of the accident is more correct than what you remember.

An attorney will seek out witnesses to obtain statements from them. Investigators may be used to professionally analyze the scene and document key evidence with professional quality pictures and videos.

It may be necessary to retain an accident reconstruction expert to analyze the facts and form an opinion on how the crash occurred. This expert may later be used at trial to prove your theory of liability and why the other driver is at fault for your injuries. It is not uncommon that the traffic signs or signals at the accident scene are crucial to your case. Local governments have records for when signs were installed changed or lighting sequences and timing was changed. Obtaining those records, and having them analyzed by an expert, early in your case work up is important.

Another way to look at it is, What would an insurance adjuster do? You know they are trying to save money by not paying you for your property damage or injuries. It is not uncommon for people to change their story between what they told you at the accident scene and what they tell their insurance adjuster. They hope not to have their premiums go up if they are blamed for the accident.

Even if the other driver’s story is not plausible (their story puts the their car on the wrong side of where your car was damaged), an insurance adjuster may stick with that story just to ‘defend their insured’. It is nonsense, but if the adjuster is out there calling witnesses, investigating the scene, and gathering the necessary evidence to prove their insured’s version of how the accident happened, shouldn’t you have a professional on your side?

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